Managing Conference Sponsorship

Sponsorship Documents

The documents below are provided as is. Should you wish to use their text for your own event, please seek professional legal advice to ensure they meet all necessary legal requirements for your juridiction. No liability is accepted for their use, by this site, and all associated parties, including the original authors of the documents.

The Prospectus

The following documents were used by the respective conference organisers, as a means to interest potential sponsors. They outline the expectations of the organisers and what the sponsors can expect of the conference. The documents are provided here merely as an example of what content you could provide in a prospectus of your own.

2009YAPC::NAPittsburgh, PA, USAPDF-
2006YAPC::EuropeBirmingham, UKPDFODT

The Contract

You may use the following contacts as a reference for creating your own, but you MUST seek professional legal advice before signing them. These are legally binding documents and you must be aware of and understand the implications and responsibilities you undertake when signing these documents. The documents are provided here merely as an example of what content you may wish to include in a contract document of your own.

2006YAPC::EuropeBirmingham, UKPDFODT

Other Documents

If you have access to any other documents or know of references to articles regarding sponsorship, please contact Barbie with the details and any appropriate links.


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