YAPC::Europe 2010 - Survey Results


The following survey results are a simple presentation of the raw data. No attempt has been made to analyse the data and compare with previous years. See forthcoming PDFs for more in depth analysis.

Click on pie charts to view larger image version.


These questions will help us understand who our attendees are.


Attendees: pie chart

92No Response
62Response Percentage

Age Band:

Age Band: pie chart

1under 20
3320 - 29
7030 - 39
3640 - 49
1150 - 59
260 and over

Job Type:

Job Type: pie chart

9CEO/Company Director/Senior Manager
0Non-Technical Manager
20Technical Manager
13Technical Architect/Analyst
0Human Resources

If your position covers many roles, please base this on your most senior responsibility. Also base this on the role you perform, rather than your job title. For example, a 'QA Developer' would be a 'Developer' role, and 'Information Manager' would a Manager role (Technical or Non-Technical depending upon your responsibilites)

If 'Other' please enter your professional job role or title:

  • Bureaucrat
  • Business Analyst / Information Management
  • Evangelist
  • Lawyer
  • lots of diffeent stuff
  • Network admin
  • Software Localizer
  • System engineer


Industry: pie chart

45IT Services

If you or your company undertake work within mulitple industry sectors, please select the primary one you are currently working within.

If 'Other' please enter your industry sector:

  • Home automation
  • Hospitality
  • Marine Insurance Broking
  • Network management
  • Plant Bioinformatics (Agrotech?)
  • Tourism


Region: pie chart

27UK / Ireland
89Western Europa
7Eastern Europa
5Southern Europa
4United States / Canada
5Asia / Australaisa
0South America

Please note this is the region you were a resident in, prior to attending the conference.

The Perl Community, YAPCs & Workshops

These questions are designed to help us understand our attendees level of involvement in the Perl community.

How do you rate your Perl knowledge?


How many previous YAPCs have you attended?

41This was my first YAPC
Attended YAPCs123456789101112total
YAPC::Australia / OSDC::Australia2-----------2
YAPC::Israel / OSDC::Israel1---1-------6
YAPC::SA / YAPC::Brazil-11---------5

How many Perl Workshops have you attended?

40Never attended one
Attended Workshops1234567891011total
Austrian Perl Workshop52-2-------17
Belgian Perl Workshop743--------24
French Perl Workshop3113-11----33
German Perl Workshop5541244---1104
Italian Perl Workshop94232------45
London Perl Workshop1384152-----82
Netherlands Perl Workshop2212211----40
Nordic Perl Workshop1361312-----57
Portuguese Perl Workshop44---------12
Ukrainian Perl Workshop-1---------2
any American Perl Workshops11-3-------15
any Russian Perl Workshops-1---------2
Other Perl Workshops55---------15

Do you plan to attend a future YAPC/Workshop?

1Don't Know

If no, could you tell us why?

Particularly if this is your first YAPC, we would like to understand why you would not be able or interested in attending another event like it.

  • Getting more interested in Ruby and Python

Are you a member of a local Perl Mongers user group?


If not, do you plan to find one or start one?

7Don't Know

What other areas of the Perl Community do you contribute to?

85I'm a CPAN Author
21I'm a CPAN Tester
28I'm a Perl project developer (eg Rakudo, Catalyst, TAP, Padre, etc)
50I have a technical blog (e.g. on blogs.perl, use.perl or a personal blog)
50I use or contribute to PerlMonks or other Perl forums
81I use IRC (e.g. #perl, #yapc, or #london.pm)
54I contribute to Perl mailing lists (e.g. P5P, Perl QA, etc)
17other ...

If 'Other' please enter your area of contribution

  • Commit to Perl5 source
  • core developer
  • core doc patches, Perl 6 development
  • expo marketing
  • I help organizing perl at perl and non perl events
  • I plan to run a conference
  • I teach a Perl course for free
  • i teach friends
  • I try to spread the word of Perl in India
  • none
  • One of the main organizers of our Perl-Mongers meetings
  • Perl Organisations
  • Perl::Staff member
  • Stackoverflow
  • stackoverflow,com
  • use Perl on VMS
  • usenet! CLPM
  • workshops 4 free, @perloneliner twitter
  • YEF/TPF/APPP member

YAPC::Europe 2010

Regarding YAPC::Europe 2010 in Pisa, Italy specifically, please answer the following as best you can.

When did you decide to come to this conference?

78I'm now a regular YAPC::Europe attendee
24After YAPC::Europe 2009 in Lisbon
0After joining the Facebook event group
7I was nominated to attend by manager/colleague
20I was recommended to attend by friend/colleague
1After reading an ad in a magazine
2After seeing a link or advert on a Perl specific site
0After seeing a link or advert on a non-Perl site
3After reading an email sent to a mailing list I was in
1After seeing other promotions online/in the press
14other ...

If 'Other' please let us know when

  • after attending London Perl Workshop
  • After attending the Perl workshops
  • After being privately informed about the event by the organizers.
  • after convincing my manager to let me go
  • after finally doing it
  • after IPW 2009 in Pisa
  • after reading the workshop program
  • After the IPWs
  • After winning the quiz I read about on mst's twitter
  • At the perl mongers meeting
  • I helped organizing the event
  • I was invited by the organizers
  • It was a convenient location
  • Send-a-newbie
  • To socialize with fellow core hackers

Were you a speaker?

23No, but I have spoken before at similar conferences
45Yes, and I have spoken before at similar conferences
8Yes, and it was my first time as a speaker

Note that "similar conferences" includes other YAPCs, as well as Linux, Open Source or large technical events such as workshops.

If you were a speaker, would you have been able to attend if you hadn't been speaking?


If you weren't a speaker, would you consider speaking at a future conference?

39Ask me later

What was your motivation for coming?

80the list of speakers
74the quality of the talks scheduled
40to be a speaker
100to meet with Perl/project co-contributors
122to socialise with Perl geeks
29to meet Larry Wall
19to meet Damian Conway
72to visit Pisa or Italy
12other ...

If 'Other' please let us know your motivation for coming

  • getting away from work for a week, attending courses
  • meet some italian mongers I knew from before via irc/mail but never met in person
  • Perl 6 Hackathon
  • Recruiting people
  • Recruiting Perl programmers
  • the training courses
  • to catch up on the latest Perl developments
  • to get increased motivation for working with, and contributing to, the perl community
  • to hire
  • to learn more about Perl and related
  • to meet all others
  • to recruit

What aspects of the conference do you feel gave value for money?

142the talks / speakers
23the conference bag
57the tshirt
14the job fair
93the conference dinner
86the conference venue
60the city of Pisa
49the hallway track
103the attendees
9other ...

If 'Other' please enter your suggestions

  • coffee breaks and lunch
  • hospitality of the orgas, Florence tour
  • I was the remote speaker ;-)
  • it was really well organized
  • O'Reilly stand with good prices
  • Orzo Bruno
  • the auction
  • the lightning talks
  • The stellar lunch and coffee breaks.

Did you have holiday planned around your conference attendance?

62I came just for the conference
11several days before only
151 day before only
30several days before and after
161 day after only
18several days after only

Were there any talks you wanted to see, but missed due to clashes in the schedule?


If 'Yes', which talks did you miss?

10Dave Cross - The Perl Community
9José Castro - 100 candidates
9Scott Chacon - Git 101 Tutorial
8Abigail - When Scrum isn't agile enough
8Dave Cross - Things I Learned From Having Users
8Florian Ragwitz - Dist::Zilla - Maximum Overkill for CPAN Distributions
8Jonathan Worthington - Perl 6 Signatures: The Full Story
8Léon Brocard - What's new in Perl 5.12?
8Nelson Ferraz - Perl in the Data Warehouse
8Sam Vilain - The Joy of MooseX::
8Tim Bunce - Understanding and Optimizing your Code with Devel::NYTProf
7Carl Mäsak - Perl 6: Prince of Parsea
7Clinton Gormley - ElasticSearch, you know, for search
7Patrick Michaud - Not Quite Perl (NQP) - A lightweight Perl 6
7Patrick Michaud - Rakudo Star - A usable Perl 6 release
7Tomas Doran - Large platform architecture in (mostly) perl - an illustrated tour
6Allison Randal - Migration strategies
6Martin Berends - Perl 6 Database Interfacing
6Sam Vilain - A brief history of the Pumpkin
6Zefram - syntax plugins for 5.12
5Aaron Crane - Perl on Speed: Multicore Programming for Mortals
5Francesco Rivetti - Parse::RecDescent by examples
5Giuseppe Maxia - Shooting from the hip : Perl at the command line for DBAs
5John Scoles - Intro to XS
5jonasbn - Workflow
5Max Maischein - Webautomation with WWW::Mechanize::Firefox
5Sawyer X - When Perl Met Android
4Alberto Simões - Textual Document Rewriting or, when substitutions are not enough
4Dave Rolsky - Fey and Fey::ORM
4Gabor Szabo - Padre, the Perl IDE: Building an open source team, getting the project to users against the odds
4Jon Allen - Introduction to CouchDB
4Lech Baczyński - WTF mistakes - how to avoid less known Perl pitfalls and save lots of debugging time
4Matt S Trout - The Troll, the God and the Mountain
4Michel Rodriguez - 10 XML::Twig Methods you might not know about
4Reini Urban - The Perl Compiler
4Steffen Mueller - XS++ - Bonding Perl and C++ with minimal pain
4Uwe Voelker - Graphic visualization - there is a life after GD and GD::Graph
3Abigail - Booking.com, a Perl success story
3Andrew Shitov - Using text in search requests with examples in Perl 6
3BinGOs - CPANPLUS - Beyond the shell
3Chisel Wright - Going postal
3Roman Baumer - Enterprise Directories, Data synchronisation and Perl
3Smylers - Mentoring Perl Beginners: Tales from Coaching Colleagues
3Vincent Pit - The making of an object model for Tikz
2Adam Bartosik - From waterfall to agile, changing "should be" to "is working"
2Barbie - CPAN Testers 2.0 : I love it when a plan comes together
2Bernd Ulmann - 5 - a stack based array language implemented in Perl
2Carl Mäsak - Perl 6 appetizers
2Herbert Breunung - What is Kephra about?
2Herbert Breunung - What we can learn from Rebol?
2Jon Allen - Perl in the Real World
2Karl Moens - Perl \& \LaTeX
2Leo Lapworth - DBIx::Class introduction and refresher
2Matt S Trout - Ironman Forfeit Talk
2Moritz Lenz - Perl 6 and The Real World
2Paul Johnson - How to create high quality software
2Salve J. Nilsen - Kaizendo: Individually customizable textbooks
2Steffen Schwigon - Searching Perl Workloads
1Anton Berezin - An optimization primer: DBIx::Perlish
1Antonio Barone - Venda, the world's largest on-demand eCommerce platform
1Emanuele Zeppieri (emazep) - SQL::QueryByForm: a new easy form-based query language
1Jose Luis Martinez - Writing Nagios plugins with Perl help
1Peter Makholm - Does your code work correctly?
1Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni - [LT] Enterprise Perl.. the revenge
1Steffen Schwigon - Perl::Formance - Perl performance benchmarking
1Tim Bunce - DBDI: A Foundation For Database Access In Perl 6

Additional comments:

  • A lot
  • [several] ... but thanks to the videos, I hope being able to watch most of these, as soon as I have the time.
  • dunno anymore. but at Linux Tag in Germany they orgaize the talks in tracks and I think that's a great idea. e.g. testing, perl6, perl internals etc
  • I remember there were clashes, but forgot which. Overall, the schedule organization was well done!
  • I'd have seen them all if possible.
  • Lots... But I understand that not all can be seen
  • mainly perl 6 talks which would have been interesting but not needed for my work
  • most of Perl6 because I felt Perl6 was taking too long a time from attending a talk to being actually able to use perl6 for more than just fun - and then either being sad because i cannot use the perl6 features in a perl5 production environment or just forgetting about them until perl6's prime time is there.
  • It would be really easy if you would put up the talks first, then let people choose what they want to see and then make the schedule ! let us write optimize::schedule and have a killer app !
  • No one in particular. Sometimes it was hard finding even one talk that was appealing, other times there were several at a time. Coming to the conference as a team of colleagues, we were able to take simple notes for each other.
  • Several
  • Talks video footage will sort this out.
  • The DBA talk by datacharmer, but I've seen the slides are online
  • The extended Git sessions, and others. I'll try to catch up on the videos later.
  • Too many to remember.

There are always conflicts in the schedule, as it's difficult to know what everyone would like to see. However, if you could list a few talks that you missed, it would give speakers an idea whether it would be worth updating their talks for furture events.

Were there any speakers not present, who you would like to have seen at the conference?


If 'Yes', which speakers?

46Damien Conway
12Paul Fenwick
11Mark Jason Dominus
8Curtis Poe (Ovid)
5Marty Pauley
5Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
4Adam Kennedy
4Philippe Bruhat (BooK)
4Randal Schwartz
4Thomas Klausner (domm)
3Jacinta Richardson
3Jesse Vincent
2Audrey Tang
2David Wheeler
2Merijn Brand (Tux)
2Ricardo Signes
1Anatoly Sharifulin
1Andrew Whitworth (whiteknight)
1David Golden
1Jarkko Hietaniemi
1Jos Boumans
1Josh ben Jore
1Matthew Wilson (diakopter)
1Michael Schwern
1Piers Cawley
1Rafael Garcia-Suarez
1Simon Cozens
1Stephen Weeks (Tene)
1Steven Little
1Tom Christiansen
1Yusuke Kawasaki
1Yuval Kogman

Additional comments:

  • Damian Conway. But of course I have full understanding of the circumstances as well. But you did ask. [Many similar sentiments were echoed by others - Barbie]
  • I don't know much about prominent Perl speakers/developers/contributors.
  • Myself ;-)
  • there are (too) man interesting speakers in our community

What kinds of talks would you prefer at future conferences?

11More beginner level talks
21More intermediate level talks
46More advanced level talks
57It's about right
16No preference

Are there any topics you would specifically like to see featured?

  • - How to make things happen with Rakudo Perl 6. - Cook-booking lessons about Perl 6.
  • - Packaging & deployment of big apps (Shipwright, et al.) - Upgrading strategies - Coordination with GNU/Linux distros - Perl on the cloud
  • - Testing and test suits - High performance real world examples
  • A permanent beginner track with the same low level talks given every year. New attendees will benefit from the simple talks and we can develop new speakers with existing content.
  • Anything that makes a great talk :)
  • Asynchronous coding (POE, AnyEvent, Reflex) and more network stuff
  • Code generation - writing Perl which writes Perl. I would love to see the whole tracks dedicated to most known modules of Modern Perl, especially Moose. It's impossible to cover all the issues even during 50 minutes talk, so maybe a bunch of 20 minutes "atomic" talks would do.
  • enterprise perl
  • GUI
  • How to go about learning enough C to get into hacking on perl or An intro to hacking on perl through an example bug fix What the CPAN needs - any obvious gaps in the CPAN that developers could make modules for Test::Aggregate, Test::Class, other advanced testing techniques
  • I think the balance was reasonable. A beginners track might be useful.
  • I would like to see better speakers ! So the idea of making a speaker's workshop before was a good one.
  • I would like to see more on web devel & deploy.
  • I'd like to see more humorous lightning talks - Smylers's talk and the talk entitled "chmod -x chmod" were great.
  • Javascript and Perl Web design and Perl WebGUI, Bricolage more details about the CMS-es and other applications in Perl
  • Keep up the XS/internals talks. I'd like to see some more about deployment of Perl apps and more talks about specific applications written in Perl.
  • language design theory
  • Migrating from older perl versions (5.8) to newer and how to keep doing that: a migration/update strategy with good reasons which could be presented to "business types". I also enjoyed the non-technical lightning talk about "clarifying tech writing": there should be more like that!
  • Modern perl in general, Deployment options also for OS.X + win32, Introduction to Moose, Introduction/Comparison to established templating systems (Mason, TT), introduction to Catalyst
  • mod_perl REST, messaging, queues
  • mod_perl, web stuff
  • Moose core, Perl core, XS for beginners, GUIs(!)
  • Moose, Catalyst and Perl API.
  • Moose, Catalyst, Dancer and other web application framework.
  • Moose, Catalyst, Plack
  • More Perl for web developers maybe... Plack, non-Catalyst web frameworks
  • more tutorial on perl 6 (beginner level)
  • Network, Web
  • NLP / Math related topics
  • Performance
  • Perl 6
  • perl core
  • Perl6 Modern Perl
  • Perl6 and Parrot.
  • perlguts, Perl 6
  • Presentation of new intresting modules and common usage of perl technologies in real world.
  • Real world Perl success stories.
  • Some talks that reflect the subtitle of the conference (Renaissance).
  • speed optimization parallelization
  • Stories from "real life" in companies
  • System Administration
  • testing and QA
  • this year was about right for the talks I saw, but I think more beginner talks would be useful, as we had a lot of new people who have never seen of the basic talks, that speakers later drop in favour of more advance talks.
  • Tools done in Perl
  • We desperately need a whole beginner's track at YAPC. Only the seasoned developers come to YAPCs; we're missing a great opportunity to draft new talent.
  • Web development More talks on the Moose ecosystem
  • Win32 modules POSIX

How do you rate the conference?

How would you rate your overall satisfaction of the following areas of the conference?

Choices 1 2 3 4 5
Newsletters/Updates 80 53 8 4 -
Web site 93 51 7 - -
Registration process 110 37 3 - -
Directions/Maps 80 64 5 - -
Content of the talks 36 99 14 2 -
Schedule efficiency 66 72 11 2 -
BOFs 9 21 13 6 -
Social events 83 52 10 - -
Parking 24 5 - 1 -
Facilities 67 73 5 1 -
Food service 79 57 14 2 -
Accommodation 64 49 14 4 -
Staff 121 26 3 - -
Overall experience 109 40 3 - -
Value for price 120 22 2 1 -

1 = Very Satisfied
2 = Somewhat satisfied
3 = Somewhat un-satisfied
4 = Very un-satisfied
5 = N/A

The Conference Fee

In order to help future organisers gauge an appropriate conference fee, how much would you (or your company) have paid for a conference ticket? Feel free to provide an answer for all rates, where corporate rate would be paid for by your company (including a Master Class place), standard rate would be the regular price paid by attendees in paid employment, and lastly the concession rate for anyone who holds proof that they are in fulltime education or are unemployed.

Corporate Rate:

3€ 100
1€ 1200
6€ 1000
1€ 750
10€ 500
2€ 400
1€ 350
1€ 300 to 500
6€ 300
14€ 250
19€ 200
4€ 150
1€ 120
1€ 80

Standard Rate:

58€ 100
1€ 400
4€ 200
13€ 150
1€ 130
4€ 120
1€ 99
1€ 80
1€ 75
2€ 70
2€ 60
2€ 50

Concession Rate:

1€ 10
2€ 150
1€ 100
1€ 80
4€ 75
1€ 70
4€ 60
31€ 50
1€ 45
6€ 40
6€ 30
3€ 25
3€ 20

How did you pay for the conference fee?

41N/A - I was a speaker
6N/A - I was a sponsor
45My company paid
52I paid out of my own pocket
0I wasn't able to attend