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Hosting Surveys

If you wish to submit a request for us to manage a survey instance for your event, please send an email to: <requests (at)>

Where possible please provide as much information as possible, including:

  • Your event name
  • What type of event it is (conference, workshop or other event)
  • Language of event (default is English)
  • Your event start date
  • Number of days over which the event takes place (including any tutorial days)
  • Your name & email
  • Offical contact name & email for your event (if different from above)

With this information we can then advise you as to whether we can support your event, and the details we would require relating to attendees, talks and tutorials. If your event is a non-English language event, where possible we will supply a language pack for someone in your organisation to translate.

Please note that all current surveys are provided for free to all OpenSource non-commercial or grassroots events. If your event is a commercial venture, we may ask for an administration fee to cover our expenses.

Survey Issues

If you are experiencing problems with a current survey, please contact <surveys (at)>, stating the event you are trying to access, your name & email used to sign up to the event, and what problem you are experiencing.

Please note that if you are trying to submit a survey close to the survey deadline, you should be aware of the timezone from which you are submitting from, the timezone of the event, and the timezone of the servers (the latter are based on GMT). While we endeavour to set the deadline based on the timezone of the event, this may not always be the case. As such, please submit your surveys early, and avoid submitting close to the deadline.

Website Issues

If you experience problems with this website, please contact <webmaster (at)> and we will endeavour to resolve the problem.